Reports suggest UK conveyancing satisfaction surveys may be wrong


Conveyancing clients in the UK may not be as satisfied as the surveys suggest. This is revealed after a member of the Legal Services Consumer Panel questioned the reports from the same panel’s own research. Earlier than this, the panel had released findings that showed customer satisfaction with conveyancing to be high. Arguing against the earlier findings, Mark McLaren said that lack of meaningful change or leadership to drive consumer-focused transformation still persists within the conveyancing market. This year, the Legal Services Consumer Panel through its annual tracker survey had found that over 90% of conveyancing consumers were satisfied with the outcome of their matter while those satisfied with the service were over 80%. McLaren wrote on the panel’s website disputing the findings. the nonexecutive director of the Property Ombudsman questioned if the findings reported before told the entire story. One sensitive question McLaren asked was, “were the 90% clients satisfied with the outcome just because they managed to purchase their dream home or avoided buying a home that was falling down? Concerning the 80% satisfied with service, the lawyer asked if they were happy with the service yet dissatisfied with the house buying process. McLaren concern is that there’s is a chance one in five dissatisfied actually very poor. The expert did not understand how the average consumer judged, whether the process that led to the purchase of a house was really good as it should have been considering that these people lacked technical and professional knowledge.

 According to McLaren, drawing conclusions from the high user satisfaction, or outcome satisfaction among consumers and thinking these tell a whole story risks complacency from conveyors. This is an opinion from an expert that conveyancing solicitors Shrewsbury teams should not take lightly. The legal expert also pointed to a research earlier this year by the Solicitors Regulation Authority that showed 37% of consumers dissatisfied by the service that was either slow or inefficient. McLaren noted that the overall conclusion from these consumers was a call for clearer conveyancing information, especially for first-time buyers. The expert said that in the midst of the many research and consultations on aspects of home-buying published this year, the government’s response to its consultation on enhancing the process of buying and selling homes is the most significant. This emanated from the “very blunt assessment” by the ministers concerned that the current England home buying and selling process was not ideal for the purpose. He agreed with the panel that argued that government found price not to be necessarily a good metric for consumers to make informed choices, and said customers had to be able to make more informed choice of a conveyancer, which goes beyond price as one considers service levels.  According to McLaren, it is time to prioritise the consumer and move on from the traditional blame game and passing the buck and to secure real improvements. The legal expert does not see any meaningful change or leadership driving consumer-focused transformation despite a decade after the ill-fated yet well-intended home information packs and countless research reports. It is a significant concern for conveyancing solicitors Shrewsbury experts. Mr McLaren himself had an awful conveyancing experience in the past 3 years where he has bought and sold two houses and he is surprised that 100% of the consumers don’t express any dissatisfaction with both the process and the service.

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