Medical Claims Against NHS Continue to Rise

Medical Claims

According to experts from the CEO of risk management agency UK, the NHS is having to invest more and more time and effort into safeguarding itself against an increasing wave of medical negligence claims as UK begins to mimic the ‘law-suit culture’. This backs up a recent report from MPs which revealed that the Medical claims against NHS continue to rise, thereby forcing the NHS to set aside 17.5 billion to be able to pay compensation to thousands of people making NHS medical negligence claims.

Medical blunders can happen of course cause great personal harm and distress, as one human error can have devastating consequences on a patient’s health, bringing complications to existing ailments and in extreme cases even causing death. Significant steps are already taken to eliminate the risk factor from the NHS’ day-to-day work but to limit the amount of money lost to law-suits the authority has to investigate other ways to ensure that the risk of medical negligence is as small as possible.

From stand-point of experts the solution for the NHS revolves around undertaking a new approach to managing and mitigating people risks, by reassessing and reforming the way in which people work and eliminating the stress and pressures on medical professionals. These experts have already worked with one of the NHS Trusts to meet this end, using occupational psychologists to help improve the performance of clinical teams when handling emergency situations, amongst other measures.

But surely the key to limiting medical negligence claims against the NHS rests as much with changing the mindset of those looking to make the claims as it does with safeguarding the actual institution. The ‘where there’s blame, there’s a claim’ culture that has led to these increased claims continues unabated with no consideration of human error. And while the nation continues a quest for ‘blame’ rather than an acceptance that accidents happen the number of medical negligence claims against the NHS will continue to rise, regardless of any measures undertaken by the health authority itself.

Either way, the level of finance that the NHS needs to keep aside for medical negligence suits and claims remains at an unsettlingly high level, especially when the amount of healthcare and equipment which could be financed for such sums is taken into account. One thing that you will realise is that medical claims against NHS continue to rise due high increase size of awards in the high-profile cases.

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