Divorce Option

Learn about your DIVORCE OPTIONS
Central Valley Collaborative Law Affiliates is pleased to be able to present DIVORCE OPTIONS, a monthly workshop designed to educate the public about the legal, financial, family, and personal issues involved in the divorce process. With the guidance of experienced professionals, workshop participants will gain an informed understanding of the divorce process.

DIVORCE OPTIONS will help you:
Learn your divorce process options.
Understand the legal, financial, and emotional issues of divorce.
Learn how to talk about the divorce with your children.
Learn from experienced professionals who have guided may others through divorce.
Discover community resources available to help you.
The DIVORCE OPTIONS workshop includes the following presentations:
Segment One, led by an attorney, explores the divorce process choices that are available: self-representation, mediation, collaborative divorce, and litigated divorce.

Segment Two, also led by an attorney, discusses court procedures, the information gathering process, child custody, child/spousal support and marital property concepts.

Segment Three, led by a financial specialist, addresses the mechanics of valuing and dividing property, determining support, and the tax consequences of divorce.

Segment Four, led by a mental health professional, illustrates the emotional challenges of divorce for the parties and their children and provides insight as to how to manage parenting issues and the divorce process to minimize the negative impact on the children.